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a) This blog has divided the themes of the book into 10 lessons.   The book, I believe, is best processed in group discussions.  Suggested conversation starters are listed for each lesson.  Small groups of truth seekers, church sponsored home study groups, would benefit from such discussions.   The book, and this blog, could also be a curriculum resource for Christian school’s Bible perspective classes.   (The group leader needs to select the topics for discussion -  probably too much material for an evening here.)

b) The book has consciously / deliberately made room for God to work.  Argument, logic will never move anyone closer to the heart change that is needed for a renewal of relationship with God.  Our group discussions should make room for God to work; a prayer, a heart turning to deity as best we know how, is recommended for each study.  Each study should end with a scripture reading: the foundational assumption being that God has revealed truth / himself in the Bible. (see session 1 for more on this)

c) The purpose of this blog is to help develop the conversation.  A church that is losing such a large percentage of its youth / members needs to take a hard look at itself and its agenda.  What is needed to bring rootedness to believers, sufficient to withstand the onslaughts of an overwhelmingly atheistic culture?

d) Your contribution to this conversation, this blog is appreciated.   All constructive comment as well as wholesome critique will be placed on the blog.  (This blog will be moderated.)   All comments should have your name, location, and date attached.

e) Comments that are more general in nature, i.e. not with a focus on the specific session topic, should be placed on the Testimonial and General Comment blog page.

f) Personal letters to the author should be made to my dedicated email address

g) Befriending the book’s facebook page / post would be appreciated.  Nothing travels faster than “word of mouth”. 

h) Single copies available from the author $22.50 plus shipping.  Requests for multiple copies of the book (study groups / class sets) are available from the author at a reduced rate ($17.50) plus shipping.   Send your request via the dedicated email address above.  Payment options will be sent upon ordering.   (if ordering online then single copies, ebooks are cheapest when ordering through FriesenPress Online Bookstore.)

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