Tuesday, 9 May 2017

m) Lesson 10 AUTHENTIC CHRISTIANITY - More than a Tradition, More than Simple Mental Assent

Authentic Christianity - Discipleship – Twelve Steps that Embed my Life-story into His
Kingdom Story   Read pages 246 - 260, Survey on pages 275 - 283 Review pages 19 - 32

1) How does a person become a believer?  When listening to testimonies of people who have
become Christians one is struck by the variety in this life changing experience.  No two
testimonies are alike.  We as humans are so prone to want to establish a formula for everything
including how to become a Christian.  This may be misguided.   In the context of all these
variables, what are the essentials?  How can true disciples help others find and follow the
Jesus path?

2) Process together the challenges, myths Christians today face in being authentic disciples. 
Discuss the Commit section, the categories of types of  “Christians” on page 248 - 250  
(7 categories of “Christians” are listed.  Which ones qualify as the real thing?)

3) In what ways is popular culture shaping your life?  How is this influence creating anemic
Christianity in our churches?   Process the questions on Page 259 -260.

4) Examine today’s popular Christian culture.  How is growth encouraged within today’s
Christian Culture,  in our homes, in our churches? Is it possible to live the story on a part-time
basis ie just Sunday, just a mini-devotional now and then?

5) Pages 275 - 283  Take the Personal Assumptions Inventory (Appendix C).  Honestly seek to determine
which meta-story is influencing your own life the most.  Honestly ask yourself, "Which Cosmic
Story do I want to build my life on?  Which story do I believe is the true one?"  What steps do
you need to take to bring your life into line with your convictions?  

Wrap up
6) Reflect on Matthew 6:33   To what degree are the 12 disciplines from pages 19 - 32 part
of your life?  How can we encourage each other to make following Jesus our first priority?
7) Reflect on Matthew 28:18-20  (the key verb is ‘make disciples, the rest are subordinate verbs,  
Has the church placed so much emphasis on the "Go" that it has lost sight of the "make disciples"?)

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