Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Session 3
ATHEISM IS A RELIGION - Read pages 55 - 80.

1) How would atheism / humanism argue against, respond to the comparisons listed?

2) Where do we see atheism at work in our secular culture?  What impact is atheism / humanism having on our cultural psyche / soul?

3)  An evolutionary understanding of the history of religion teaches that atheism is not only not a religion but also the end of religion.  This has been the uncontested truth ever since atheism became fashionable.  A better way of looking at the spectrum of religions  will be presented on page 152.  It may be necessary to go there to prevent an uprising with this bold claim that atheism too, is a religion.

4) Why / How has atheism gotten such a free ride in our culture?  Why has it been considered neutral in the struggle to understand religion?  (A preliminary discussion, more when we focus on the appendices.)

5) Can the terms fundamentalism and intolerance also apply to atheists?  How should we respond to such character traits in others?  How can we personally avoid such labels in our own lives?

6) Romans 1:18-32.  Do we see this moral slide in our “god - less” culture?  Analyse the stages of this slide as described in this passage.

A possible commentary on this passage

Atheism and Cultural Genocide - 10 Steps: Romans 1:18-32
  •    1) Not responding to the whispers of our conscience
  •    2) Not acknowledging / affirming God’s existence – Hebrews 11:6
  •   3) Not giving thanks, not worshipping
  •   4) Pride – intellectual “games” to rationalize our “god-less” perspectives
  •   5) Elevating created things/ideologies to be primary focal points of our lives
  •    6) Crossing Sexual boundaries.  Cheapening sex by using it to manipulate others rather than to celebrate covenant relationship.
  •   7) Men first / women next - the last vanguard of cultural purity / integrity / moral strength.
  •   8) Increasing sexual perversion
  •   9) Complete breakdown of family and society - loss of civility
  •  10) Wholesale approval of evil, wholesale disapproval of the good
Sexual perversion
       Satanic attack on the Image Bearer, the idol  - Genesis 1:27
       Not merely destroying the temple 
       – destroying the idol itself
       – the ultimate assault on the One who is represented by that Image / idol
       Our sexuality / marriage is the best illustration we have of what God is like. True love, covenant faithfulness, intimate knowing, unlimited joy in the other, etc. 

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