Monday, 15 May 2017


1) How are Christianity, Judaism and Islam related… ?
Prophetically - Deut. 18:15  Claimed by both Jesus and Muhammad followers
Spiritually - see page 130 C
Historically - Muhammad  570 - 632 CE Medina and Mecca’s cultural context
see page 116 The Religious Roots of Islam

2) What assumptions does Islam make?  What is needed for Muslims to critique their own
assumptions? see page 129 B

3) How has Islam changed the Jesus story, the Biblical meta-story?  They support their
position by stating that all of these previous revelations (OT / NT) have become too
corrupted to be reliable?  How do we respond?
see page 114 Islam's story line, also pg 119 "Truths corrected and Sealed"

4) Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi.  He was raised a devout Muslim
and he converted to being a follower of Jesus.  He makes the claim that much of Islam
is an oral tradition.  The scholars and leaders control the story, the agenda.  Believers
are taught to trust these elders absolutely, uncritically.  The key to effective evangelism,
Nabeel claims, is to get Muslims to really read their holy books in their own language
for themselves.

5) Process the observations and questions on Page 127 - 128  #1 - #5.

6) When looking at Islamic culture one readily can see how this culture shapes the hearts
of its adherents.
          Has Western Christianity developed a culture that shapes its adherents?
          Is the gospel something just to believe or is it something to live as well?  
          What kind of a culture would 24/7 gospel living create?  
see page 128 A

7) How do we keep the Christian faith, its traditions and its rituals spiritually alive, rather
than empty, just going through the motions?

8) Jews, Christians, and Muslims are people of the book.
What ought this to mean on a daily basis?
Would observers describe you as a person of the book?

Wrapping up
1 Timothy 3:16   Stop and reflect on this watershed happening in our human story.  
Consider what might have been if He had not come, if you had not been given
the faith to believe.
Take some time to confess the sin of allowing this Jesus-Story to become boring.
2 Timothy 3:16  Stop to reflect on the momentous truth of Revelation
The Scriptures - God has revealed to us what our human story is all about.  
Instead of endless groping in the dark we have been given light!
Take some time to confess the sin of allowing the Bible to be marginalized in your life.

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