Friday, 12 May 2017

k) Lesson 8 THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN METASTORY – The Story with an Origin in Heaven itself.

Read pages 189 - 216

Possibly the best way to process this section is simply to have someone read this section orally (practiced  beforehand).  The rest just follow along or listen.  Simply allow the story to speak for itself.  After the reading share highlights / impressions / stirrings etc.  We need to begin with the confidence that God the Spirit  will come alongside any speaking of gospel truth.
I had the following objectives as I tried to tell the Biblical Meta-Story:

a) Summarize Genesis to Revelation as short as possible
b) Provide a context sufficient to give meaning to “Jesus saves”
c) Truth not “dumbed down” but bare-bone basics
d) Clarify or bypass confusion
          Gen 1-9 / other religions /  broken church & Christians
          Suffering, evil, etc
e) Correct “Evangelicalisms” - errors that are creeping into our churches
          Easy believism / decisionalism / health and wealth / it’s all just about heaven
          Emotionalism, theological shallowness, universalism (ie no hell) etc.
f) Inspire - a Story that needs to grab our heart and imagination

Possibly after the reading critique it, discuss to see if and how well these objectives have been achieved.

1) One theme that runs through my presentation of the Biblical Story is that many have walked away from the Judeo-Christian Story because they have never really encountered the whole Story in a dynamic way. Many seem to think they are familiar with the Bible. But somehow they have never actually encountered the Story in a heart - shaping way? (This was the author’s experience and the seed that became this book - see preface) What might contribute to such a scenario?

2) The creation account (Genesis 1 - 9) has created so much controversy. How many of our people have rejected the whole Bible Story based on unmovable claims based on the Genesis account. I have side stepped all of these issues believing them to be distractions. Why are we humans so prone to getting distracted by side issues, and as a result miss out on the main truths?

3) The key to living the Christian Life is to imagine ourselves participants within that story. We are each living our own little story (birth to death). How can we embed our story into His Story in a day to day way? Discussion starters - practising the presence of God, Kingdom values & goals, prayer, witnessing, Kingdom communities etc.

4) Share together any experiences of a “Wow-encounter” with the truth of this “Revealed to us” story..

Wrap up

5) Read and reflect on 1 Peter 1: 3 - 16 A prophetically anticipated story that transforms our humanity 1 Corinthians 2:9 a story more glorious than we (or angels) could have ever anticipated.

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